Friday, March 13, 2009

Classroom 2.0

Check out this website!

I am telling you now...this is dangerous! You can easily get lost here with learning about all of the cool things people are trying as they bring Web 2.0 to the classroom. Thanks Teaching Heart for recommending it to us. Feel free to share anything you learn!

From the site: "Welcome to, the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. We especially hope that those who are 'beginners' will find this a supportive community and a comfortable place to start being part of the digital dialog."


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

I highly recommend joining this site as well and have pushed several of my friends to do so. I have gotten several good ideas and made great contacts through classroom 2.0. Anytime I have a question I put it in the search box and usually it has been discussed before from blogging, to stop motion animation, to how to upload powerpoint presenations online keeping the audio intact. Great site!

Eve Heaton
Mossy Oaks Elementary School
4th Grade

Live and Learn said...

Mrs. Heaton's class has been great to us, and we have learned so much from her blog.
It's so exciting for our class to start getting visitors to our blog from far away, and we first "met" on classroom 2.0. So teachers, if you are blogging, go on classroom 2.0 and look for other classrooms to visit!