Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make a free 30 sec. slide show

This site is so cool. Just go to to create a free account. You upload a few photos and then add music to the background. I can see using this to upload photos to your blog so parents can see a field trip or class party. When your movie is complete, use the embed code to add to blog.


PEGS said...

I DID IT! Check it out!

Live and Learn said...

Yay PEGS! I did it too! Check out the comment on the post from a teacher I met on Classroom 2.0. I have contacted Animoto so hopefully I will find out the details about how to get our accounts upgraded as educators.

mentorteacher said...

Here is question from a classroom teacher:
I am very interested in creating longer animoto videos for my classroom. I have heard that there is an opportunity that you would upgrade my account since I am using it for educational purposes. Thank you!

Here is the reply from the people at Animoto:
Yep! Apply for a Classroom Code at:

Take care,
the guys at ANIMOTO