Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Teacher Blogs

Here are some more blogs to check out.



Several teachers have expressed concern about how to get parents and students to read their blog. A few thoughts:

1. Try to start sending an e-mail every time you blog. You could use your parent e-mail group and add a link to your blog right in the e-mail. All the parents have to do is click on that hyperlink.

2. Involve the students in blogging. Use a writer's workshop session to have authentic writing sessions where students post comments to the class blog. Then they will want to go home and post to the blog.

3. On your homepage, add your blog to the navigation bar. To do this, add a new page called "Custom Links." In the web address, you will want to copy and paste your blog address.

4. Show parents how to subscribe to your blog. This will help them to know when you have added to your blog.

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Live and Learn said...

Putting a link to your blog w/the signature to your email is another great way to get parents to click on your blog.